Thoughts while making a warming ginger molasses cake for a new mother…

A woman who has just given birth, given the light, acbaba de dar a luz, is so much all at once. Her body is recovering from enormous change physically, hormonally, and for first time mothers, her role in her society.

First week, don’t leave the bed. Second week, don’t leave the room. Third week, don’t leave the house. Fourth week, don’t leave the yard. Fifth week, go climb 14ers! Just kidding..Take it easy, go gradually. Eat deeply nourishing foods. Give your body what it has lost in a new baby, and blood, and stress. Rest is the number one vitamin. Community is also essential; having people around you who honor you, take care of your needs, who you feel safe with, and are there to witness this every day miracle, the giving of life. Community is an essential need for our animal nervous systems, to feel safe, to feel belonging, to help us recover from an arduous journey by being heard, seen, held, and in the presence of stories, laughter, tears. Sharing these experiences. This a very pivotal moment for the mother. This time is potent and potentiated by sharing it.

Putting warm meals in front of her, so she will restore her energy. Making sure her food is always warm in temperature and energetics so it is not aggravating an already cold condition (the loss of so much material and blood, warmth). This Ginger Molasses Cake is beautifully dark, spicy, and delicious, as well as nutritious!

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