Flower Essences

Sunlight + Spring Water + Flower = Flower Essence. Preserved with brandy.

I love working with Flower Essences!

The magic of these essences is hard to put into words, they help in so many different ways. They are said to interact with our soul. Each flower brings it’s unique energetic signature which resonates deep within us. They may ask us to see something, feel something, address something in order to let go or grow. Some flowers help us cope with overwhelm, fears, exhaustion, shock. Others support with self-confidence, believing in ourselves, letting go of guilt, regaining hope. Really anything mental/emotional/spiritual that you are experiencing is addressed or supported by a particular flower.

Sometimes we know we need to grow and change but don’t know how to go about it. The flowers help us to see into our situation and identify what is holding us back, the flowers can show us a new way, give us options, ease our fear, and continue to connect us with our true selves. I love working with people on this level and would love to support you to live your best life!

A flower essence session is a safe space to express, feel, and share your truth. I will make us tea, and then listen in your story and words for the flowers that match, and you will go home with a formula of flower allies! After 2 weeks, we follow up to talk about what you experienced and assess what your new formula could be if wanted or needed. Sessions are typically one hour.

I work with Bach Flowers, Flower Essence Society essences, and Alaskan Essences, as well as ones I have made here in Snowmass.

Contact me at: Kelly.Baker@Clinicalherbalism.com or (530)-715-0843 to schedule an in-person or over Skype or Face Time session.

Feel the Flower Power!