About Kelly


Hello! My name is Kelly Baker.  I am a Clinical Herbalist, Flower Essence Practitioner and Postpartum Care Provider.  I love being in nature, and learning more all the time of the power of plants interacting with us, and helping us to heal. I get the sense that connecting with nature is one of the most amazing privileges we have.

I love researching about foods and herbs in the context of traditional medicine and healing systems.

I am also especially fascinated in emotional healing. I believe it is so important for us to gain a deeper awareness of our emotions, patterns, and underlying beliefs. Bringing in the emotional aspect to physical conditions allows us to treat the whole person with beautiful results!

I am also a first generation Coloradan, a ski teacher to little ones, an artist, a dancer, snowboarder, used to be a traveler, herb nerd and love creating in the kitchen. I graduated as a clinician from The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in June 2018, and have opened my practice in Snowmass Village! I look forward to being a resource in the community for natural holistic health care, as well as education and stoke on nature and plants! Hope to see you soon.


Fire Weed