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Hello! My name is Kelly Baker, welcome to the Blue Earth Website. I am a Clinical Herbalist and a Flower Essences Practitioner. I was trained in the western tradition of herbalism that includes nutrition and vitalist lifestyle practices.

I grew up close to the earth spending much time camping among the forests and mountains of the Western Slope and on the rivers of Western Colorado and Utah. This time spent in nature developed into a deep reverence for the gifts of the natural and wild spaces we are blessed with. I aim to help restore the respectful relationship between humans and the Earth.

I have been working with the land as a vegetable, herb, and flower gardener for the past 9 years, in Chico, California and the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado. It was in the garden where I first met some plants that are generally regarded as ‘weeds’ but I discovered through research that they had beautiful healing qualities. This led to interest in local wild foods and when I returned to Colorado to live, I began looking and researching the local plants, finally declaring to mullein (the plant), that I wanted to be a ‘plant doctor’. I followed my passion from the gardens into the classroom to study the medicinal properties of plants and to become trained in the Western herbalist tradition. I am so excited to be of service by sharing this interest and knowledge with my community. 

I studied fundamental and advanced herbalism at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism run by Lisa Ganora, in the lineage of Paul Bergner. At CSCH I became a student clinician in the Evergreen Clinic under the tutelage of Mary Barnes, as well as Paul and Tanya Bergner. Also at CSCH I was trained by Deana Gabriel Vierck in the art of Flower Essences. After graduating as a Clinical Herbalist I studied advanced phytochemistry with Lisa Ganora. I also studied with Rachelle Garcia Seliga and became an Innate Postpartum certified provider. Other influential teachers have been Katherine Mackinnon, Josh Paquette, Jessica Baker, and Sara Truitt. I am honored and so lucky to have received this education, experience and wisdom.  I love learning more each day by researching about foods and herbs, and believe that traditional medicine and healing systems hold very valuable wisdom that I hope we can preserve.

I help people connect with themselves and with nature by using herbs and nutrition to support them towards vitality and health. I also offer plant walks and community education about how we may learn about, interact and be in deeper relationship with our local landscape through everyday and native plants we can find in our backyards. Each plant interacts with our bodies in unique ways. Each plant has its own phytochemical matrix, which translates into it’s unique energetics and actions. Each plant also has a human history of how we relate with it.

I am also a first generation Coloradan, a ski teacher to little ones, gardener, nature lover, an artist, a dancer, snowboarder, traveler, herb nerd and kitchen witch. I am passionate about supporting people to find balance and peace, to connecting deeper with themselves with holistic healing of emotional, spiritual, soul, and physical healing. I am also passionate about bringing people together and to nature and creating community where we have become disconnected. I believe that being together in groups is simple and profound medicine for these times. I get inspired by people who are actively making the world a kinder, more connected, and better place.

I look forward to being a holistic health care resource in the community, as well as providing education and stoke on nature and plants! And I would love to get to know you!


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