Consultations- Herbalism, Nutrition, Flower Essences

Coming back into balance, becoming your own healer. Herbalism supports our bodies naturally to heal and to thrive.

Why visit an herbalist?

Working with herbs and botanical remedies can help us balance the health of our bodies, emotions, and minds. For example issues with energy, sleep, digestion, depression, anxiety, addiction, pain, as well as most health issues can be addressed holistically with a combination of lifestyle, nutrition, herbs, and flower essences. The care we give our bodies now will reflect in the next 10 years, herbalism is about building a strong foundation of health and growing from there! I am here to support you and be on your health care team.

Why herbs?

Using herbs is a long time human tradition where plants sustained our existence on a spectrum from daily foods to emergency medicine. We have been in relationship with these plants ever since we began on this earth, our DNA remembers this. It is only recently that we have stepped away and forgotten the ways we work with them for food, health and healing, as well as spiritual connection. So, connecting with plants is both old and new, and I believe we are more entwined than we are scientifically able to see. The point is, our bodies respond to the herbs.

Generally, using whole plants is safer and more gentle on our bodies than our modern pharmaceuticals. Today’s drugs are all based on chemical structures found within plants that humans found useful. The issue is, is that they isolated one constituent and re-created it in a lab without the synergy of the other constituents found in the whole plant. Often something is added to the basic chemical structure to make it more potent, powerful or simply patentable. We know that these drugs cause long term damage not to mention side effects. I want people to know that there really are other choices! Having health challenges is an opportunity to heal. Listening to our body’s symptoms tell of a deeper story, and when we listen, instead of suppress the symptoms, we can support our body to do what it does best, come back to balance, come back to health.

All plants have a unique effect on our bodies, and each of our bodies is different. We also all have our own unique stories, experiences, and patterns. Herbalism is taking all of this into account and finding the right foods, plants and preparations to address you as a whole being. We are seeking to create the best conditions for your body to do it’s healing.


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