Herbalism Consultation with Kelly

Now accepting herbalism clients in the Roaring Fork Valley and Flower Essence Clients in the valley or over Skype!

Hello! I am Kelly, and I am a Clinical Herbalist and Flower Essences Practitioner. I love working with plants, -aka- herbs! All plants have a unique effect on our bodies, and each of our bodies is different. We also all have our own unique stories, experiences, and patterns. Herbalism is taking all of this into account and finding the right plants and preparations to address you as a whole being. We are seeking to create the best conditions for your body to do it’s healing. I also aim to educate clients on how to become in tune with their bodies and to become their own master healer.

Humans have been in relationship with these herbs ever since we began on this earth, it is only recently that we have stepped away and forgotten the ways we work with them for food, health and healing, as well as spiritual connection. Connecting with them is both old and new. Your DNA grew up with these plants, and I believe we are more entwined than we are scientifically able to see. The point is, our bodies respond to the herbs.

Working with herbs and botanical remedies can help us balance the health of our bodies, emotions, and minds. Do you have sleep issues, digestive issues, emotional issues, skin problems? These and pretty much all health issues that are not emergencies can benefit from working with an herbalist. Unfortunately, my scope of practice does not include cancer or pregnancy, but I can provide education in these cases.

I would love to work with you!


To make an appointment with me, please email: Kelly.Baker@Clinicalherbalism.com

We can work in-person in the Roaring Fork Valley, or over Skype or Face Time.