About Kelly


I am a Clinical Herbalist trained in the western tradition, along with nutrition, vitalist lifestyle practices and nature cure. I am also a Flower Essences Practitioner. I studied fundamental and advanced herbalism at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism run by Lisa Ganora, in the lineage of Paul Bergner. I was also a student clinician in the Evergreen Clinic under the tutelage of Mary Barnes, as well as Paul and Tanya Bergner. Also at CSCH I was trained by Deana Gabriel Vierck in the art of Flower Essences. After graduating as a Clinical Herbalist I studied advanced phytochemistry with Lisa Ganora. I also studied with Rachelle Garcia Seliga and became an Innate Postpartum certified provider. Other influential teachers have been Katherine Mackinnon, Josh Paquette, Jessica Baker, and Sara Truitt. I am honored and so lucky to have received this education, experience and wisdom.  I love learning more each day by researching about foods and herbs, and believe that traditional medicine and healing systems hold very valuable wisdom that I hope we can preserve.

I am also a first generation Coloradan, a ski teacher to little ones, gardener, nature lover, an artist, a dancer, snowboarder, traveler, herb nerd and kitchen witch. I am passionate about supporting people to find balance and peace, to connecting deeper with themselves with holistic healing of emotional, spiritual, soul, and physical healing. I am also passionate about bringing people together and to nature and creating community where we have become disconnected. I get inspired by people who are actively making the world a kinder, more connected, and better place.

I look forward to being a resource in the community for natural holistic health care, as well as providing education and stoke on nature and plants! I would love to meet you and connect!


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